Kommissioner – Villkor

This document describes the terms and conditions that I, dhjärven, want the commissioner to accept before the drawing process begins. Please read it 🙂

By commissioning me you agree to the terms and conditions in this document. If you have any questions please contact me.

1. General Terms

  1. I have the right to deny, disregard or refuse any commission request.
  2. Accepted commissions which are in the making may be cancelled or aborted at any time (I’ll try my best to avoid this ever happening). A notice will be sent to the customer, and a full refund of any funds regarding the commission may be carried out.
  3. Unwanted behaviour from the customer, such as rudeness, racism or lack of communication may lead to cancellation of the commission (see Section 6 below).
  4. If possible, please provide a detailed description of what you want me to draw, or better, a picture/drawing.
  5. The customer shall be contactable in an easy way, either by email, Private Messages (PM) on Furaffinity, DeviantArt or ArtStation, or on instant messengers such as Signal or Matrix/Element. The preferred way of communication will be decided between me and the customer before the commission is accepted.
  6. The terms and conditions in this document may change at any time. Changes only apply to new commissions (commissions coming in after the change has been made).
  7. The drawing will be completed within a month after payment has been received and the drawing process has begun.

2. Payment

  1. Payment shall be received after the customer has approved the initial sketch. No further work will be done on the commission until full payment has been received.
  2. Payment for the commission shall be done with Stripe through my web shop. For Swedish residents, payment may be done through Swish or direct bank transfer (to SEB).
  3. All payments are done in SEK (Swedish Crowns), but the prices are listen in either SEK or Euro.
  4. All payments are done through my company called Hovkluster.

3. What I draw

Almost anything. Ask away.

4. Drawing Process

[Rough sketch (with feedback, changes) –> Customer approves the sketch –> Painting work –> Finishing touches (feedback, with smaller changes)]

  1. One or several sketches (WIP:s) will be sent to the customer during the initial drawing process for comments and opinions on the piece.
  2. Before and during the sketching phase the customer may at any time ask me to add, remove or change things in the drawing.
  3. The customer shall approve the sketch, and pay, before I continue with the rest of the process.
  4. The customer may at any time view the progress of the commission.
  5. Small changes may be done to the final stages of the drawing.
  6. When the drawing is complete the customer will be notified and the piece will be sent with the preferred way of communication.

5. Customer Satisfaction

  1. If the customer is dissatisfied with the drawing, either after completion or during the process, he or she may request changes to the drawing. Larger changes may come with a small fee if the sketch phase has previously been approved by the customer.

6. Cancelling & Refunds

  1. During the sketch phase the customer may cancel the commission at any time.
  2. Cancellations after the sketch phase will result in a partial refund depending on the time spent on the drawing after the sketch phase has been approved. If the drawing is (almost) complete, no refund will be given.

7. License & Rights

  1. Any artwork commissioned by me is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license (see here), unless otherwise decided before the commission has been accepted. I retain full rights to the work, while the commissioner is allowed to do anything and everything with it, as long as I get credit for the artwork.
  2. I will not draw copyright protected characters, scenes, objects or similar unless permission has been given to me by the owner(s) of the subject(s). The license which these drawings are released under is discussed and decided with the customer and the owner(s) of the copyrighted material.

Last edited 2021-04-18