Chinese Farmer

Wanted to draw a human for once, and since they talked about farming on the news, the natural choice was a farmer 🙂 This time from China. Went pretty well, but I had some trouble getting the face anatomy correct. I bumped up the saturation a bit since my desktop monitor is too oversaturated. Please …

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Colour Theory Practice 2019-01-11

A random colour theory video was suggested to me on Youtube, and I was ‘Eh, might as well watch it’. Several videos later and lots of tutorials I ended up with this :3 Not too bad I think. Drawn in Photoshop CCTime taken: Roughly 3 hours  

The Horse V2

Another horse! :3 I really like this shading style but it takes forever to draw :/ Anyways this turned out pretty good. I drew the back part & legs too big in the beginning so I had to do some tweaking. Photoreference used. Program: Photoshop CC Time taken: ~4 hours