Drawing of a forest, with a wolf sitting in the foreground


“Så vad gjorde du igår?” – “Jag lyssnade.” – “Lyssnade? På vad?” – “Träden.” – “Träd?” – “Ja, träd.” – “Lyssnar du på träd? Hur då?” – “Jag sätter mig i skogen och lyssnar. De pratar med mig.” – “Pratar? Träd pratar väl inte..?” – “Jo. Du har bara inte lyssnat.” ///// “So what did …

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The hare

I got inspired by a post i found on Reddit and came up with this. Found a good colour scheme and stuck to it, with some adjustments. Fun to draw, but fur is difficult. I bumped up the saturation a bit to match my monitor, I hope it isn’t too much [notify me if it …

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Forest Woof

Yea………………….. The initial sketch and idea started out pretty good, the sketch too, but then came the colouring/shading part 😉 After ten-ish hours of trying to make it look good I think I’m done. At least I know what I need to practice on! 😀 (Photoshop’s .png compression made all the dark areas way darker …

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The elk

This was fun. I tried the same drawing style as in the old lady and the drone one I did a while back. There was a smaller calf in the photo too, but I didn’t draw it. Might add it later on.. Done in Photoshop CC Time taken: Almost an hour

The Forest Wolf

This was fun! I’m getting better at colouring without lineart and shading without a separate shading layer, so all shading is done while colouring. Saves time and is much easier to edit afterwards :3   Done in Photoshop CC in about 8ish hours.

The Girl and the Forest Monster

Now this is probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever drawn xD. Wanted to try out the brushes + test a darker scene. Let’s just say there’s room for improvement lol Done in Photoshop CC in about 5ish hours