Santa’s Large Little Helper

I wanted to draw a dragon/reindeer mix, and here’s the result! 🙂 Again I tried to not use lineart / sketchmarks in the final version, which turned out to be pretty difficult, but I managed to mash this together, enjoy!   Time taken: 12ish hours Drawn in Photoshop CC

Relay Race Practice

It’s done! Finally! It only took 25 hours over the span of a month 😀 I got a challenge from a Telegram friend that wanted me to draw a tired dragon making a baton pass on a running track. It was meant as a fast sketch, but I kinda over-did it.. I’ve never really drawn …

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Forest Woof

Yea………………….. The initial sketch and idea started out pretty good, the sketch too, but then came the colouring/shading part 😉 After ten-ish hours of trying to make it look good I think I’m done. At least I know what I need to practice on! 😀 (Photoshop’s .png compression made all the dark areas way darker …

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Luleå Harbour

I was bored of animals, so here’s a sketch/illustration of Luleå’s harbour at winter. Was fun but challenging, especially the crane 🙂   Time taken: 5ish hours Made in Photoshop CC with my own photograph as reference

The Yawning Fox

Another sketch/colour practice. The sketch is ok imo but I still haven’t figured out how to colour good yet ^^ Drawn in Photoshop CC Time taken: 1-2 hours

Judy Hopps

Tried to draw something else this time. She looked fairly easy to sketch, but oh no, I was so wrong. Had to redraw most parts 2-3 times.   Time taken: 2 hours Drawn in: Photoshop CC Character © Disney – This drawing is not licensed under Creative Commons.

The Girl and the Forest Monster

Now this is probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever drawn xD. Wanted to try out the brushes + test a darker scene. Let’s just say there’s room for improvement lol Done in Photoshop CC in about 5ish hours

The Dalmatin

Tried to draw a dog. I had some problems with the shading since the dalmatin is mostly white and black 🙂 5 minute background since I didn’t really bother to draw it too. Have to practice drawing those later on. Photoreference used. Drawn in Photoshop CC. Time taken: 4ish hours