Drawing of a reindeer


Christmas here we come! I kinda like how this one turned out. The fur was really difficult to draw but I learned a lot. Drawn in Krita. Time taken: ~ 3 hours Full res: here  

Snowy Rock

Found a cool rock in snow with branches growing on the side of it while on a walk a few days back. Got inspired to draw this. Snow is difficult to draw, who could have known ;D. Time taken: 1,3 hoursDrawn in Photoshop CC

Santa’s Large Little Helper

I wanted to draw a dragon/reindeer mix, and here’s the result! 🙂 Again I tried to not use lineart / sketchmarks in the final version, which turned out to be pretty difficult, but I managed to mash this together, enjoy!   Time taken: 12ish hours Drawn in Photoshop CC

Luleå Harbour

I was bored of animals, so here’s a sketch/illustration of Luleå’s harbour at winter. Was fun but challenging, especially the crane 🙂   Time taken: 5ish hours Made in Photoshop CC with my own photograph as reference